Rite de Passage Photography

Rites of passage are always infused with meaning, symbolism, and expectation. And, we are always honored and grateful for being allowed to photograph such momentous and often intimate moments.

Our style of wedding photography is about documenting the atmosphere and moments of the day, not so much fabricating them. We’ll do the handful of traditional posed shots, and have fun with that.  But we will rarely tell you exactly where and how to stand or sit…

Capturing beautiful images is part experience and part paying attention. We like to be unobtrusive, and photograph the moments that others might not have seen, images that show the many layers of emotions that often fill Rite of Passages.

Lifestyle Photography

In our Lifestyle Photography sessions, you get to play, hang out, and be yourself! We capture the details, your emotions, on location in natural light, or in the Studio. It’s about telling your story.

Photographing everyday life is a treat. There is just something very special about capturing the details that make life unique and beautiful. We especially love to take time to zoom in and capture little details!

We photograph in a free-style way to create images that are authentic, emotive, modern, and soulful. We offer free consultations and hourly sessions with kids and families, artists, and last but certainly not least, pets!

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Clients Testimonials

Celine is just one of those photographers who gets it, immediately. With very little direction given for our wedding photos, she somehow perfectly captured the sweetness of the day. All we asked was “nothing posed, nothing canned.” We also gave her a tough canvass (ie, uncontrolled, wild, outdoor environment with tenuous weather) in which to work. Well, she thrived in a big way. She has an intuition that leads her eye to the essence; the authentic beauty of the moment. Weddings are so chaotic and the bride and groom move through the day not sure what is happening; so many small, delicate details potentially lost. Having a photographer who was able to capture that preciousness and deliver it to us was truly a gift. Celine has this very graceful way of pushing past the obvious and into the subtle. It was exactly what we wanted, but hadn’t really articulated. She just knew. Greg and I were in tears when she sent the proofs. She’s a brilliant artist and I highly recommend her as your wedding day photographer.
– Amanda & Greg, Wedding


Josh and I were so grateful to have Celine shoot our Guerneville wedding in 2010. Not only did she deliver beautiful photos that our family will cherish forever, but she was a pleasure to work with and a favorite among our friends and family. Celine was able to provide us with a wide variety of photos ranging from funny candid shots, to beautiful portraits and backdrops. Celine offered us the option of creating a hardcover printed photo book, and the layout and quality of the pages turned out wonderful. It was the perfect thank you gift for our wedding party, and it saved me tons of time in creating my own wedding album. Celine’s photos are artistic, original, and Josh and I will appreciate them forever. Thanks Celine!
– Monique and Josh, Wedding


I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Celine again. I normally have a hard time relaxing when there’s a camera around, but Celine can make the most self-conscious introvert feel calm. The occasion was my final yoga class in San Francisco at Satori Yoga Studio, before our permanent move to France, Celine’s original home. It made so much sense to have our Franco-American yogi photog friend capture this part of our SF era coming to a close before the big move over the pond to our new French life. There was joy and sadness, intensity and softness, laughs and serenity. Celine captured it all as she wove through the sea of bodies like a stealth serpent. I barely noticed she was there. My time at Satori was so meaningful, so rich, and I often look back at those photos remembering the committed students and sacred place that changed everything for me. However, one of the most fun parts of the day came when she and I had a little playtime afterward. We worked yoga asana into the SOMA landscape, with Celine making suggestions I never would have thought of. Celine and I have a lot in common, not the least of which is our love of dogs. Greg brought our Ti, my four legged guruji, who Celine worked into the frame, seamlessly. In fact, as an extra gift, she made a little video of Ti and me! Now that my 14 yr old guru has passed onto the other side, I cherish that gift more than anything. It was such a treat to work with Celine on this sweet project that will forever hold profound memories of a special time.
– DogaYoga, Artist Promotion

Paul and I invited Celine as a guest to our wedding. We looked forward to her presence—intelligent, savvy, and dare I say, French!– she’d been a friend and neighbor for several years. She asked to photograph the event for her burgeoning photography career. We were unaware of her artistic endeavors, but of course loved the idea.
Looking back on the whirlwind of the big day, we remember the unobtrusive Celine with her camera doing her thing. She rarely posed us, or anyone else, concentrating more on spontaneous moments.
About a week after returning from our honeymoon, we received a hardback, bound book from Celine—40 pages of unique black & white photos that captured the essence of the day. Pure love. She amazed us. Celine’s subtle details completely reflected what made the day special for us. Closeups of the marriage license and cake topper. Natural portraits of grinning guests. Shots of the venue and cuisine that raised the ordinary to the extraordinary. Tiny antique ornamentation that adorned the walls and posts of the unique wedding location we had chosen.
Although we hired an official photographer, the wedding portraits that Paul and I keep beside our office computer monitors are Celine’s—informal shots taken as we concentrated on commitment.
– Monica and Paul, Wedding

Celine Nadeau is my go-to photographer for all important shoots. Reason being, she truly takes beautiful photos. Whether it’s portraits of my newborn baby girl, to landscape shots, to group shots and events Celine has a natural ability that shines. Her attention to detail, understanding and usage of color and composition is unrivaled. By nature, i believe Celine to be a gifted artiste with a creative eye which leads itself to an uncompromising quality in her work.
An aspect to Celine’s craft that I believe to be crucial is her knowledge of “apps” in general and Photoshop specifically. The technical side of photography couldn’t be more important to the finished product.
Celine is a talented photographer, with a creative/artistic eye and her knowledge of digital imaging software and top-of-the-line equipment makes her the ideal choice for all your photographic needs/functions.
– Lloyd and Heather, Pregnancy